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Arnoud de Vroomen the CEO of Solarworks quoting TNM on the new partnership between TNM and Solarworks



The partnership that Solarworks has established with Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) will help with providing basic energy in most villages across Malawi. This has come at a time when the need to stay at home and the use of sustainable energy is critical across the globe.

Solarworks is known for providing basic lighting and entertainment to homes that are off the grid, through Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG). Villages around Malawi are limited to the amount of banking and payment options which makes it a challenge to buy and sell on credit, however the new relationship between Solarworks and TNM to integrate the PAYG system to Mpamba, TNM’s mobile wallet, makes it easier for customers to settle their monthly bills.

Solarworks has successfully integrated its PAYG system with Airtel money, and with the aim of reaching all corners of Malawian villages, TNM users are expected to enjoy similar benefits of easier payment to access basic clean energy with PAYG integrated into Mpamba.

With over 4000 homes connected, the majority have managed their payments through Airtel Money, with an increased collection rate expected from the use of Mpamba. The partnership which has taken over 6 months to establish, is expected to have launched already and serving customers who need it.